// 1949 Becker develops Autophone – the first car radio.
// 1953Becker Mexico – the first car radio with fully automatic station search.
// 1963Becker Monte Carlo – the first solid-state car radio.
// 1969Becker Europa Stereo – introduction of two-channel reception.
Becker Mexico Olympia – with integrated Compact Cassette.
// 1975Becker Mexico – the first car cassette radio with auto-reverse.
// 1979Becker Mexico Electronic – the first microprocessor-controlled car radio.
// 1985Becker Mexico Compact Disc – the first car radio with integrated CD player.
// 1987Becker Mexico Diversity – the first car radio with dual tuners.
// 1990Becker develops 2-RDS Diversity Tuner.
// 1995Becker Avus and Becker Grand Prix CD receivers – the first car radios with digital audio signal processing.
// 1997D2B Optical – the world‘s first optical waveguide-based in-car data transmission system.
Becker Traffic Star – the first combination car radio/CD player/navigation system.
// 1999Becker Traffic Pro – with unlimited navigation in Europe.
// 2000Traffic Message Channel (TMC) hits the road:Becker Traffic Pro – equipped with TMC via software update.
// 2001Becker Online Pro – combines e-mail, WAP, SMS, navigation, telephone, MP3, CD and 2-RDS Tuner in a single system.
// 2003Becker Vision Pro – the in-car rear seat entertainment system.
Becker Monza – the first MP3/CD player with 2-RDS Tuner.
// 2004Becker Traffic Pro 7949 – the first unit with speech dialogue system for navigation.
Becker Traffic Pro 7945 with Bluetooth® wireless technology.
// 2005Becker Cascade 7944 – with CF card navigation.
Becker Traffic Assist – the first mobile navigation system.
// 2006Becker Traffic Assist Highspeed II and Becker Traffic Assist Pro steer clear of any traffic jam: the enhanced Traffic Assist series sets new standards.
Becker Cascade Pro – with SIM Access Profile for making phone calls through the car radio.
Becker Mexico 7948 – retro.
// 2007The next generation of portable navigation is on the spot: including Slim-Line design, video player and Bluetooth® wireless technology.
// 2008The new dimension of mobile navigation systems convinces everybody.
The Becker Z-series focuses the navigation: with detailed route list, 3D views and turn-by-turn navigation.
// 2009With NAVTEQ Traffic Patterns and Free lifetime TMC, destinations are reached more conveniently. Becker OneShot Speech Dialogue System allows complete destination entry with one voice command.